When looking for a honeymoon or a family friendly trip destination, one of the best places to go to is Cuba. There are 253 protected areas, 257 national monuments, 7 UNESCO world heritage sites, among other touristic sites in the island. The colonial architecture, culture and beautiful beaches, are only a few reasons to take a vacation trips to Cuba.

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Cuban history is vastly fascinating, and the best way to know this history is visiting the island yourself. Taking a tour of Havana with locals can guarantee you the best insight into the culture.

Dancing salsa and Afro-Caribbean rhythms in the best clubs in Havana is something you don’t want to miss. There are so many destinations and activities, choosing only a few will prove difficult

Trips to Cuba under U.S. jurisdiction.

However, taking trips to Cuba from U.S. jurisdiction is a little difficult and confusing. This is all due to tighter restrictions announced by the Trump administration in June 2019. Travelers must now declare which category of travel they’re doing since the “people to people” category is no longer permitted.

The Trump administration also banned cruise ships and ferries from transporting Americans to Cuba. U.S citizens can’t simply book a flight; they must go through a process to make it to this country. But this doesn’t mean taking a trip to Cuba is impossible.

Top destinations to visit when taking trips to Cuba.


There are many opportunities to see a slice of Cuba. Seeing places from a tour bus is alright, but people-to-people experiences allow to know the country from a different perspective. Focusing on history while not allowing exposure to modern Cuban life is not a proper way to know the island. There are many places to go and activities to do, which makes choosing a few become overwhelming.

Havana is the capital of Cuba.

The Spanish colonial architecture in the center of Old Havana is one of many attractive of the city. The Castillo de la Fuerza Real, the National Capitol building, and the Old Square, are a few of the sites. In Centro Havana, there is the National Museum of Fine Arts and the Grand Theater, which presents ballet and theater.

Next to the sea, there’s the Havana Malecón which is a UNESCO world heritage site and Playas del Este. In San Francisco de Paula, there’s Finca Vigía, the former home of writer Ernest Hemingway, now a museum. The best time of the year to visit Havana is from December to May.

Trinidad is a city in central Cuba.

known for its colonial old city cobblestone streets and neo-baroque main square. The Romantic Museum, and the Colonial Architecture Museum exhibit relics from the era of sugar production in Trinidad. The Church of the Blessed is a must see, with its vaulted sky and carved altars.

We can find near Trinidad, the small island of Cayo Blanco attracts diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. North of the city, there are trails that cross the Topes de Collantes National Park towards the Salto de Caburní. Trinidad has tropical weather, which makes it perfect to visit during its warmer months, from December to February.

Viñales is a municipality in western Cuba.

Full of colorful wooden houses from the colonial era. In the Municipal Museum, the history of the region can be found. Viñales is a gateway to the Sierra de los Órganos and the Viñales valley. The valley is full of high stone hills with steep slopes of the, that attract climbers. It is also one of the main tobacco regions of Cuba, and many farms can be found here

The Viñales Valley National Park is home to dozens of bird species. To the north, there’s the island of Cayo Inés de Soto, known for its beaches and coral reefs. Viñales has tropical weather, it is recommended to visit from June to September when the weather is relatively dry.

Cienfuegos is a city located in the bay of Cienfuegos.

On the southern coast of Cuba. In the Parque José Martí square, is the Tomás Terry theater, decorated with gold leaf mosaics and ceiling frescoes. The Arc de Triomphe can be found here, it commemorates the independence of Cuba.

To the south of the city, Rancho Luna beach houses resorts and a dolphinarium can be found. Further southeast there are nature trails that run through the Escambray mountain range. Cienfuegos has a tropical weather with warm temperatures all year. The founding of the city is commemorated in April, which makes it a perfect time to go.

Santiago de Cuba is the capital city of the homonym province located in southwest Cuba.

It’s famous for its colonial architecture and revolutionary history. The city’s Afro-Cuban cultural influences are displayed in the July Carnival. We can find El Castillo del Morro, a huge 17th-century Spanish fortress that guards the bay.

In the Emilio Bacardí Moreau Museum, Cuban works of art and colonial objects are exhibited. While in the Museum of the Clandestine Struggle the prerevolutionary movement of the city is recounted. Most travelers come to the city in the summer months, from November to April, when the weather is cooler and drier.

Choose the best activities.


Choose the best activities for your trip to Cuba. Knowing which sites to visit allow you to choose which activities to perform on your trip to Cuba. In the Valley of Viñales, the most popular activities are hiking and cycling. As well as climbing its high stone hills.

If the plan is to sit back and relax, there are many beaches to choose from. Visiting any of the Cuban keys lets you engage in different activities like swimming with dolphins and snorkeling in coral reefs. Going to the museums and historic sites of the colonial cities, will give you a better understanding of Cuba.

Whether you’re looking a place to relax, or if you’re eager to learn more about Cuba’s culture. It doesn’t matter if you travel alone, with your partner or your entire family. Taking a trip to Cuba will leave you with a great experience and incredible life-long memories that you’ll never regret.