Collected information from our clients

Our servers do not recognize the email addresses. We do collect personal information collected from our visitors that submit it through our registration process. As an example any time you make a payment and complete profile forms our software retains this information. The Cuban Guru keeps and internal email list of all visitors who request information from us. Occasionally we may use this email collected from you in order to keep you our clients better informed about the latest updates and announcements about our company and Cuba. If you do not wish to receive email at any time you have the option to opt out. All our emails to you will have the opt out option in order for you to remove yourself at any time no questions asked. Any emails as a result of a specific transaction will still arrive to you but all others will be stopped unless you authorize us to use your email.

By Mail: Any one who submits their postal address in order to receive additional information about our services may from time to time receive mail from us. If at any time you no longer wish to receive mail from us please send us a request to be removed from our mailers and we will gladly remove you from our mailing list..
By Telephone: Any one who supplies us with a telephone number may receive phone calls from us in order to communicate information or to provide additional details on any of our Xperiences.

How we share the information you provide us with

Our email lists are private and we do not share it with any one or any corporation. We will never sell or distribute in any way your email information. Our email vendors will use your email in order to send you emails from us unless you have opted out of this service. No one else will use your email list.

We maintain a postal mailing list for internal use. We do not sell, rent or share with other organizations. The list is only made available to the post office when we order our own mailings. Only when required by law we share any of this information. In addition we do not share personal information about our registered passengers without their consent unless it is required by law. For the purpose of activating travel medical insurance we will share information on registered passengers and with our cuban representatives only when it is needed in order to assist with the programs.

How we protect information

Our facilities have security measures in order to protect against the misuse of the information we collect from our registered passengers. Any financial information is kept in a secured locked room in locked files. Any electronic information is kept under locked files that are password secured. All private and confidential information transmitted through our website (including credit card numbers) uses Secure Sockets Layer. This encryption technology is certified and designed to make the use of your credit card information safely. We DO NOT save credit card information nor we have access to the full number of your credit card and no one at Cuban Guru LLC or any of our affiliate companies has access to any of this information.

Upon request at any time if you are interested in finding out details of any information we may have collected from you, we will share it with you. This will include transaction records, email correspondence, contact information and any other communications transmitted.


Through Cookies we monitor the website users. As you may know cookies are not a software and will not alter in any way your computers software and files. The cookie is deposited on your computer’s hard drive in order keep a record of how you have used our website. It records no additional information other than what pertains to Cuban Guru LLC. At any time if you do not want to allow cookies in your browser, you can adjust your browser settings to prevent cookies.


At any time if you are of the opinion that (Cuban Guru LLC) is not following these policies you may contact us or the BBB or the State and local consumer protection office, or the Federal Trade Commission by phone at 202-382-4357.