About the Cuban Guru

Cuban Guru LLC specializes in custom private small group travel to Cuba and offers you a wide range of choices to pick from when creating your specific Xperience. Our programs are more than just educational, they are experiences, so we have created our own term for these programs; we call them “Xperiences”.

What do we Offer?

Cuban Guru currently offers several unique Xperiences to choose from, or the possibility of creating your own Custom Group travel Xperience with several departure dates throughout the year for your convenience. Please feel free to write to us in order to plan your “Xperience” to your liking. We will work on piecing together choice components for your program that will make your Xperience a memorable one.

Cuban Guru LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation specializing solely in the legal travel to Cuba for Americans. Our years operating several businesses legally under license, have earned us the Guru title and we operate under the regulations set by American Laws. After extensive research and years in business we have acquired the most comprehensive knowledge of Cuba. Our firmly established relationships there have allowed us to expand our reach to include travel in our portfolio of companies dealing with the island. Over the years we have come to know Cuba like the palm of our hand and we have forged friendships that have allowed us to create life changing Xperiences and wonderful memories for our clients.

Legal Travel to Cuba – How it Works.

As of June 5th , 2019 in accordance with OFAC’s authorized category ”In support of the Cuban People” (OFAC travel CFR 515.574 license). The new restrictions do not affect people who travel with Licensed Tour operators such as The Cuban Guru under the category mentioned above.

We invite you to come and see for yourselves what others are talking about!

Cuba is Safe! And travel to Cuba is still legal!